STARTINGjourney - Discovering New Abilities


3 Step Video Series ($47 VALUE)— Each step includes a quick and impactful lesson that explores groundbreaking science and holistic techniques. The evidence-based tools you receive help you reap the benefits of letting go of stress. Wellness expert, Marlise Karlin, mentors you to stay motivated with daily inspiration.

3 Month Access to Inner Circle Explorer ($81 VALUE)— Inner Peace Expert and Author, Marlise Karlin will be your personal guide in this members-only community. You’ll be invited to live sessions every other week to continue your journey to more happiness, greater health, wealth, and relationships.

14 Day Access to Premium SOS Method App (EXCLUSIVE)—This app comes with Immersive Meditations (engineered music and words that unlock your higher energy potential). It’s like having the ultimate pass to a mental development gym right in the palm of your hand.