Positivity pack

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Are you ready to become more positive? Do you want to ignite your power to overcome hardships? 

We’ve designed the Positivity Pack to be the first step in the right direction for those who want to have peace of mind, manage their emotions, and gain greater clarity.

Get a proven set of remarkable tools that  empower an inspired perspective.

Your Positivity Pack
Immersive Meditation “I Believe” (mp3)

You’re amazing, it’s time to believe it. This 7-minute SOSmethod Immersive Meditation (previously exclusive to premium SOSmethod app members) will fill you with hope and confidence in your hidden power to create a life you love.

Empowering Positivity tool (pdf) & (mp3)

The innovative SOSmethod App is like having the ultimate pass to scientifically engineered super-meditations and an entire mental development gym right in the palm of your hand. Anytime, anywhere you can listen to a topical program or a wide range of meditations.

exclusive bonus

NEXTjourney Explorer Club

Founded by Wellness Pioneer and SUPERpower Whisperer, Marlise Karlin, NEXTjourney‘s mission is to provide proven tools and techniques that result in greater happiness, health, wealth, and relationships for people of all cultures around the world.

Marlise’s solutions for unlocking your SUPERpower in simple and rapid ways have earned acclaim from renowned experts in the fields of neuroscience, biology, and human potential.

The NEXTjourney Explorer Club is a community of like-minded people with the desire of developing their full potential and creating an extraordinary life. Members enjoy special events with Marlise and other experts, member-only discounts, and exclusive access to beta programs.


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