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Welcome ! We are so happy you have joined Marlise and all of us who are on this remarkable journey to eliminate stress and generational trauma blocking your potential.

You will clear the cellular junk causing unhappiness with a remarkable hidden mind/body potential.

You don’t have to wait a lifetime to live your life with more confidence, focus and vitality.

To get the most benefits, follow the 5 tips outlined here.

PACE YOURSELF: Watch one lesson and one bonus video each day for maximum benefit. 

MEDITATION: Mute any disturbances. Close your eyes. Breathe deep. Experience this special moment.

JOURNAL: Write your experiences/insights.

SHARE: Join the Inner Circle Explorer LIVE programs and private facebook group. Ask Marlise questions, share experiences, and grow together.

READY FOR MORE: You can access an extensive variety of Immersive Meditations, Programs, and Tools in the SOSmethod app.

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Your adventure unfolds in 7 Steps. Each containing unique insights to your success. Look for daily emails and texts to keep you on track and reveal even more tips. 

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